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I believed I’d Be Hungrier for Bite charm Lip Rouge Multitasking Lip color as well as blush

Oh, hell naw! keep in mind exactly how thrilled I was to try the new $22 Bite charm Lip Rouge in Nectarine? inspect it. THIS (up top) is what occurred the extremely very first time I opened the compact.

What a method to make a gal grumpy, right? I expect one might even state it “bites.” Sure, the compact might have been damaged in shipping; it may not have had anything whatsoever to finish with Bite Beauty’s high quality control, however I’ve got numerous other orders from Sephora, as well as this type of thing’s never occurred before…


Nevertheless, we persevere! I’m not going to let a possible shipping mishap stand in the method of getting Lip Rouge on my lips as well as cheeks.

Looking at their name, you may be wondering if vampires made the new Bite charm line. لا. The 50 pieces in the line, which just recently went on sale at Sephora, get their name from the edible components they include — components like resveratrol, a potent antioxidant.

I’d really hoped that matte peach Nectarine, one of six creamy Lip Rouge shades in the line, would have a thin structure like the metropolitan Decay Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tints (LOVE!) previously released for spring, however it’s surprisingly thick, practically like a matte lipstick.

I believed that may make it challenging to work with, however it only takes a couple of swipes to apply as well as then blend on my cheeks. A single layer creates a flushed yet natural look.


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Unfortunately, there’s one vampiric characteristic the color might greatly benefit from: longevity. On my combination oily/dry skin, it doesn’t last long, as well as whether atop foundation or bare skin, the color’s all however gone within four hours.

As a lipstick, I’d phone call it just a’ight. It has neither a flavor nor a scent, so which is fine by me, however it feels thick as well as heavy on my lips. I’ve likewise discovered that Nectarine seeks out any type of flakes or cracks, drawing unwanted interest to them (eww!). right here again, the wear time isn’t spectacular, with the color long lasting about an hour.

If I were identified to discover a location for Bite charm Lip Rouge in my life, I’d keep it around as a blush, applying it on top of a primer, with a powder blush on top of that (this is me jumping with hoops).

If you like thick, pigmented cream blushes, you still may provide it a go, however I believe Bite charm Lip Rouge is heading back to Sephora soon…

PRICE: $22 each (six shades)
AVAILABILITY: offered now at choose Sephora stores as well as likewise online
MAKEUP as well as charm blog RATING: C+ (rich, blendable pigments are its saving grace)

Jennifer is the new Katniss!

Fellow hungry girls, have you heard that 21-year-old Jennifer Lawrence, fresh off her Oscar nomination for Winter’s Bone, is slated to play Katniss, the lead character in the upcoming Hunger games movie?

I DEVOURED all three books in the series as well as can completely see JM doing Katniss well.


I hope director Gary Ross (Seabiscuit, Pleasantville) pulls out all the stops. My inner sci-fi nerd would have liked to see J.J. Abrams at the helm, however whatcha gonna do…

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